Retirement Income Planning

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Envision: We help you envision your retirement years and determine if you are going to be psychologically and financially ready to retire.

Budget: We gather data and run calculations to determine how much money you may need each month in retirement.

Analysis: Once we define what retirement will look like for you, we use sophisticated retirement income planning software to determine if your goal is attainable with linear returns on your investment portfolio. We also perform stress tests on your plan using poor market assumptions and use Monte Carlo analysis to determine the probability of success for your plan.

Options: If you are not on track, we can develop options to help you work toward a successful plan.

Monitor: We can monitor the progress of your retirement income plan as you move closer to your actual retirement date. Once retired, we can continue to monitor your plan and make adjustments given actual market conditions in an effort to work toward keeping you on track.

Decisions: We can help you evaluate your decisions about pension elections and social security benefit claiming strategies.